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Employment Law Compliance

It can be hard for businesses, no matter what the size, to navigate their way through the maze of employment law and practice. Pro-Activ trains and guides managers on best practice, legal requirements and addressing employment issues.

We steer our clients through National Employment Rights Authority guidelines and regulations. Our experts will train your staff on employment law and how to be fully compliant.


Assessment & Planning

Become a high performing organisation, through our assessment, planning and implementation programmes. Find out what helps or hinders performance in your organisation and how to address the issues. Our custom made plans are designed to enhance results and guide leaders through organisational assessment, review and planning for increased success.



“Understanding your employee’s perspective can go a long way towards increasing productivity and happiness.”

Kathryn Minshew, CEO,
The Muse

HR Policy Creation

HR Management strategies are essential for any growing organisation. We help companies create HR policies and procedures, as a crucial part of the plan for your business. We work directly with organisation leaders, in creating the right HR policy and plan for your organisation.





Employee Engagement

Build on employee relations with communication and clarity, through our leadership programme. Good business involves good employee engagement and collaboration. We train leaders how to navigate the world of employer/employee relations, using proven tools and techniques.

Fostering mutual respect, fairness and good communication is vital to good working relationships. We show you how to manage expectations and how to tackle issues at an early stage. Pro-Activ will guide you in building loyality, engagement and happiness among your staff.


“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

Jack Welch,
former General Electric CEO

Motivation & Performance Programme

An efficient performance management system relies on clear goals and ways of measuring those goals. End of year appraisals have given way to meaningful ongoing review and feedback, where employees feel part of the process. Pro-Activ provides organisations with the tools to nurture talent in a meaningful, results driven way. We focus on bringing out the best in people and giving others the skills to do the same.

Learning & Development

Develop your people and your business develops too. Pro-Activ create tailored training solutions for our clients. Whether it is updating skills or bringing staff with you, in a new direction, we have the answer to your learning and development needs. Supporting the learning needs of employees has proven business benefits. Through our programmes, we help you reap those rewards.


“Recruit for attitude and train for skill”

Atul Gawande,
Business author

HR Coaching & Client Mentoring

Guidance and encouragement can make all the difference in a work context. Our coaching and mentoring plans for leaders and employees, bring our skills in communication, our empathy and experience to your organisation. We offer both individual coaching and group mentoring schemes. Identifying and fostering talent is a vital part of coaching. We show you how to find strengths and how to turn them into benefits for your business and your people.



Workplace relations can occasionally be difficult. It’s important to address issues head on, while preventing tensions escalating. The services of an independent skilled mediator, can not only help to resolve issues, but can empower employees in finding their own agreed solutions.  We provide highly skilled, non-judgemental, experienced mediators to organisations wishing to resolve conflict and achieve consensus among staff.


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